Terms and Conditions

Using the Website homeinisraelrealty.com and / or the Site Services, the Customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions provided for it by this Agreement, as well as any other terms, rules or procedures published on the Site provided for by law relating to the Customer and the use site and / or services provided by the site, which may change from time to time. If you do not agree with any of the conditions contained in this document, you can not use the Services of this site. By using this Site and its Services, you agree to accept the Terms of this Agreement.

Reservation and Reservation of Apartments

homeinisraelrealty.com  places offers and publishes objects for short-term residence in Israel during rest, business trips, medical treatment, etc.

The site provides various types of housing – studios, apartments, villas, cottages, penthouses, etc., using all possible means to offer accurate online availability calendars.

However, we can not guarantee that at the moment when you are sending a booking request and we are processing, your request, the offer will remain valid.

After the booking has been requested, homeinisraelrealty.com  reserves the right to reject your booking request and / or offer alternative solutions without being responsible for any consequences for the customer.

After the booking request is made on the site, we notify you of the possibility of booking an object for the period of time and the amount of the advance payment that is required for reservation. After confirmation of the booking and prepayment, you will be sent a final notification with confirmation by e-mail, where the full information of the reservation is indicated: the dates of stay, the address of the apartment, the amount of the advance payment, the receipt of payment, contact information, etc.

The client understands and accepts that due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of force majeure, the request for a reservation may not be fulfilled. In this case, the Client receives the full amount paid by him, or another real estate object equal in category or higher standard, without consequences for homeinisraelrealty.com .

Prepayment: how is the down payment paid for the rental

In order to book a reservation, the Client must pay an advance payment, as will be indicated in his individual booking form. A reservation request for a real estate object can not be submitted and will not be considered valid until an advance payment is made. After the advance payment is made, homeinisraelrealty.com  will send you a final confirmation containing the order number and receipt of payment, as well as a contract for the rental of the property. Prior to the final confirmation of the booking, the Client receives an email with the information that homeinisraelrealty.com  received his booking request.

Payment method

Prepayment for reservation of a property can be made in cash at the company’s office or through international money transfer services such as MoneyGram, Unistream, Western Union, etc. The receipt with the number of the transfer must be sent by e-mail at homeinisraelrealty.com .

The full btotal  of payment must be paid in the process of check-in and receipt of keys from the booked property. At check-in, the client must provide a copy of his passport and personally attend, without involving third parties.

The rest of the payment must be fully paid in cash without installments. You can pay in NIS, US dollars or Euro, according to the exchange rate on the day of payment or in accordance with the policy homeinisraelrealty.com .

Value added tax

All mentioned prices do not include VAT.

Customers with foreign passports will receive a VAT exemption after presenting their foreign passport at the time of registration. Clients who do not have a foreign passport, pay VAT at the time of registration in accordance with Israeli law.


Cancellation by the Customer

In the event that the Customer cancels the booking in whole or in part after the confirmation by e-mail has been sent, homeinisraelrealty.com  can apply the following conditions:

If the Client has canceled the reservation in writing for 8 (eight) days or more before the date of arrival specified in the individual booking form, 20% (twenty percent) of the full cost specified in the contract is charged.

If the Customer has canceled the reservation in writing for 7 (seven) days or less before the date of arrival specified in the individual booking form, 30% (thirty percent) of the full cost specified in the contract is charged.

If the Customer has canceled the reservation in writing for 21 (twenty one) days or more before the date of arrival specified in the individual booking form, the advance payment will be refunded, minus the cost of one day stay.

Cancel homeinisraelrealty.com 

homeinisraelrealty.com  reserves the right to cancel, in whole or in part, a booking in connection with the owner’s request or due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the Client will be sent a preliminary written notification.

homeinisraelrealty.com  uses all available means to ensure that the reservation request will be retained after the customer receives a final notification with confirmation by e-mail. Nevertheless, the Client understands and accepts that due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of force majeure, the reservation request can not be executed. In this case, the Client will be offered another apartment of equal or higher standard, without consequences for homeinisraelrealty.com. If such an apartment is not found, the guest will be refunded the full amount paid – 100%.

Also 100% of the amount paid to the Customer is returned in the event that the apartment offered to him in lieu of the one he booked at homeinisraelrealty.com  does not suit him.

homeinisraelrealty.com  is not responsible for any loss, lost profit, direct or indirect costs, including any costs, PayPal or banking incurred from cancellation.

Check in

The client is obliged to inform homeinisraelrealty.com  about the time of his arrival. All procedures related to the registration of the client can take place in our reception at the address: Irus Argaman, 55, Netanya, Israel. Our office is open for guests from 14.00 to 20.00.

The meeting of the Client with the representative homeinisraelrealty.com  and all procedures connected with registration and registration, can also be carried out at the address of the booked accommodation.

Check-in – Friday and Saturday & Late Night and Holidays

The client must inform in advance homeinisraelrealty.com  by e-mail or by phone about late arrival, or if his arrival falls on non-working days.

In agreement with homeinisraelrealty.com , the apartment key for the guest will be left in the safe area with instructions on how to enter the apartment. Instructions will be provided by e-mail or by phone. In any case, a representative of homeinisraelrealty.com  will be available 24/7 to help and facilitate unhindered settlement.

Check-in – Check-out, Check-in and check-out time

Accommodation in the apartment is made from 14.00 date, fixed in the contract as the start date of the lease. Check in time can vary in agreement with homeinisraelrealty.com .

Check-out time is 10 AM. The time of departure can vary in agreement with homeinisraelrealty.com .

Apartment cleaning, electricity, security deposit

The client receives an apartment after cleaning, with clean bed linen and towels in the number of people indicated in the booking form.

Cleaning, replacement of bed linen and / or towels, as well as the cost of electricity, may not be included in the rent and charged separately. The cost of electricity is determined by the meter, by recording the parameters – on the day of arrival and departure day. The cost of kWh is determined by the official prices accepted in Israel for all electricity users. In this case, the fee for the above services will be stipulated in the lease agreement, which is concluded with the Client. These services should be added to the final price in accordance with a weekly or monthly payment.

After the departure of the guests, the apartment should be left intact and safe, in a satisfactory condition, without debris, without damaging the furniture and other property that make up the property.

For the safety of property, the owner can charge a cash deposit, in the amount determined by him personally. Upon departure, the deposit is returned in full on condition that the property provided for use is preserved.

In case of damage to property, the owner may charge an additional fee.

Price list

The prices listed on the site homeinisraelrealty.com , can be provided in NIS, US dollars or euros, for one night (from 14.00 to 10 am the next day), a week (if the apartment is rented weekly) or a month (if the apartment is rented monthly ) and include the use of the property in accordance with these conditions and in accordance with the lease agreement. Prices may vary depending on the season, the length of stay, the number of guests arrived, the market situation and / or in accordance with the policy of homeinisraelrealty.com .

Prices are not fixed and can be changed and updated from time to time. Discounts can be given according to the offer or at own discretion homeinisraelrealty.com . The prices indicated on the site are not fixed and become final only after the confirmation of the reservation is sent from homeinisraelrealty.com  to the Client.

The price includes expenses such as water, gas, internet, city tax and house maintenance tax.

Individuals, number of guests

When booking, the client must specify the number of people who will be staying in the apartment. The number of people specified at the time of booking must remain the same during the period of stay as defined by homeinisraelrealty.com .

Compensation for losses

In the event that any damage occurs in the apartment or any of its assets, the Client is obliged to immediately notify homeinisraelrealty.com  or its representatives.

homeinisraelrealty.com  can not be held liable for damages that may arise as a result of using the apartment or other external influences without restriction resulting in damage to the rented living quarters and property located in it, including accidents, damages (neither for people, or for objects), fires, robberies, natural disasters, breakages on water lines and power lines, gas pipelines, equipment failure, etc., other breakdowns occurring in the apartment or outside it, as a result of purposeful s actions or the actions of negligence of others, as well as losses incurred as a result of theft or burglary of an apartment or criminal behavior.

homeinisraelrealty.com  and its employees are not liable for damages or any other damages resulting from errors, omissions or negligence on the territory of the apartment by the Client, causing harm to any property and / or person (including bodily damage and / or accidents), personal items, as a result of loss, theft, burglary or illegal entry into the premises, occurred in the apartment or injuries while staying in the apartment – homeinisraelrealty.com  will not be responsible for l any disputes between the Client and third parties.

Breakage of household appliances, water supply, sewerage, gas, Internet, etc. is eliminated in accordance with the established procedure provided for by this agreement and the lease agreement.

Terms of use of living quarters

By signing the contract, the Client will be responsible for the correct and dignified behavior of all persons accompanying him and living in the apartment. If this person, or any of the persons accompanying the Client does not behave properly, homeinisraelrealty.com  or the owner have the right to demand from the Client and his attendants to leave the apartment without the right to claim any kind of compensation.

Cooperating with homeinisraelrealty.com  Clients agree with the following rules:

It is not allowed to smoke in an apartment and / or within a building.
It is not allowed to build a fire in the apartment and / or within the building and adjacent territories.
It is not allowed to bring pets and / or any other animals to the apartment and / or to the territory of the house and the parts adjacent to it unless the prior written consent of http: //www.homeinisraelrealty is received.
It is not permitted to bring any drugs, weapons, flammable materials and / or any other thing that can be considered dangerous to any person, property and / or environment.
The apartment is located in a residential area, so please respect your neighbors and follow the rules of the hostel
It is not allowed to use the apartment for any commercial activity, for gambling and / or any kind of illegal activity. The apartment is for residential purposes only.
In the event that the Client and / or any persons connected with the Client do not vacate the apartment after the period of their stay is over, the Customer will be charged $ 400 for each additional night.

Edit policy

Since this policy homeinisraelrealty.com can change over time, the range of services to expand and improve, we invite you to check from time to time information published on the site. All changes will be published on this page, so that you are always aware of what personal information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we disclose it.


Governing Law

All terms and conditions are interpreted and applied in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, without entering into conflict with the principles of personal law. The competent Israeli courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising under this Agreement, the lease agreement and other documents signed between the Client and homeinisraelrealty.com